Principal Research Scientist / Team Lead, Protein Degradation - Medicinal Chemistry

Location: Cambridge, MA


Kronos Bio, an early-stage pharmaceutical company located in Cambridge, MA, seeks a creative, enthusiastic, and results-oriented individual to join its chemistry team at the Principal Scientist level. As a member of the discovery/medicinal chemistry team, this individual will be responsible for independently developing and implementing medicinal chemistry strategies that effectively surmount complex research problems and facilitate the achievement of key corporate goals – on time and on budget. This individual will act as chemistry project leader for one or more new projects and manage a team of CRO-based chemists, while maintaining close interactions with computer-assisted design scientists, biologists, pharmacologists, and pharmaceutical development scientists. The applicant is expected to have strong experimental skills, good communication ability, eagerness for learning, and contribute to a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration.


  • Requires the expeditious molecular and synthetic design of PROTACs/Targeted Protein Degrader
  • Communicate project updates to management team, internal colleagues, and external collaborators
  • Coordinate project activities with other disciplines including structural biology, target compound profiling, biology, and pharmacology
  • Contribute to the overall strategy and creation of intellectual property documentation
  • Seize opportunities to pursue project relevant leads that are in line with the group’s strategy and contribute new ideas to the project team.
  • Act as technical resource in a defined area, and be willing to perform tasks outside applicant’s area of expertise
  • Be able to interpret relevant ADME, PK, and other biochemical assays to accelerate drug development efforts
  • Design, implement, and execute medicinal chemistry strategy with a team of CRO-based medicinal chemists in the synthesis of analogues and key intermediates, including:
    • Ensuring quality of work and data generated
    • Understanding CRO capabilities, and troubleshooting synthetic schemes as needed to accelerate analogue delivery
    • Identify key challenges in medicinal chemistry routes, and devise alternate routes to enable scalability and safety in the delivery of pre-clinical lots
    • Managing priorities and timelines for deliverables
    • Facilitating communications between chemists and serving as the primary point of contact with the CRO
  • Occasional laboratory work is encouraged to resolve outstanding synthetic issues, or to assist in the continued development of Kronos Bio’s core technology platform.


  • PhD with 5+ years industry experience in pharmaceutical hit-to-lead optimization, including at least 2 years of experience managing external / CRO driven medicinal chemistry campaigns.
  • Strong track record of scientific innovation, and understanding of pre-clinical discovery process.
  • In-depth knowledge of ADME/PK assays and their interpretation towards optimizing high-quality drug candidates.
  • Expertise in database searching (SciFinder, Reaxys) and modern synthetic methods.
  • Clearly demonstrates effective organizational, communication, interpersonal, and managerial skills.
  • Experience with programs involving phenotypic screens, “undruggable” targets, or selective protein degradation is a plus.
  • Show initiative to expand scope and depth of technical competence.
  • Independence in planning work to support the team, project objectives, and corporate priorities.
  • Work together with other members of a project team to accomplish team objectives.
  • Demonstrate resiliency and flexibility when confronted with programmatic changes and/or new scientific directions.

To apply for this position, please forward your resume and cover letter to